Irina Bgatyryova

Irina Bogatyryova is the author of books "AvtoSTOP" (Moscow, Eksmo, "Off the beaten track", Moscow, Glass, 2012), "Comrade Anna" (Moscow, Ast-Astrel, 2011, Camarade Anna, 2018, Albin Michel), "Kadyn" (Moscow, Eksmo, 2015), "Spirits" (Eksmo, 2017), "A formula of freedom" (2017). Novels and short-stories were translated in English, Chinese, Dutch, Arabian, French, Swedish.
Irina was born in Kazan, grew up in Ulyanovsk. Graduated from Moscow Literature Institute in 2005. Her prose was published in the main Russian literature magazines. She's a winner of the "Debut prize" - the literature prize for young writers, "Eurika", "Belkin" and Goncharov prizes. A winner of Mikhalkov's prize for literature for teenagers in 2012. A winner of Student Booker - 2016 for the novel "Kadyn".

Plays the jew's harp in a duo "Olkhon Gate".
In Russian
De aanval in Dutch.
Exit (Portal 9) in English and Arabic.
Camarade Anna in French, published by Albin Michel link

The Russian Kerouacs: Irina Bogatyreva’s guide to hitchhiking

Prose outline


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